Mono Pumps type MP


Mono Pumps type MP
Description :

This pumps are essential in wine cellar to assure soft transfer of grape, partial crushed grape, destemmed grape and marc. The pump's rotor consist of a stainless steel screw revolving inside a stator made out of natural rubber suitable for foodstuff. By revolving the rotor create volume displacements in stator's cavities. This principle allow a gentile and continuous flow of material without changing the product's basic properties.

Main feature

Low Rpm assure long life of rotating parts.

Possibility of transferring high viscous products and liquids with or without suspended particles.

Continuous flow without pulsation.

Minimum ventilation and product's emulsion.

Low noise and vibration since rotor is made out of strong pipe.

Working pressure 4 ÷ 6 bar.

The pump capacity is ranging, according to type, from 12 T/h to 36 T/h (water at 20 ÷ 25°C at zero counter pressure).

The pump capacity is related to Rpm and rotor dimensions. Knowing Rpm and rotor dimensions the theoretical capacity is calculated by: Q = 4e x D x 2Pr x Vr Where: e = rotor excenter [dm] D = diameter of the rotor's pipe [dm] Pr = rotor pitch [dm] Vr = rotor speed [Rpm]

The C.M.A mono pumps are manufactured in stainless steel, have compact dimensions and easy to be used under destemmer-crushers and fermenting tanks.

Extra care is made to accommodate all the rotating parts under the basin to guaranty better protection (see detail 1).

The pumps are mounted on 4 wheels (2 fix wheels and 2 castor wheels) easy to handle inside the wine cellar.

Electric panel with start-stop and reverse starter (star delta starter for the models MP 80 and MP 100).

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