DCO horizontal disk filters

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DCO horizontal disk filters
Description :

The DCO filters by MORI IMPIANTI ENOLOGICI are the latest generation of fossil flour filters, dedicated to the production realities that, until a short while ago, could not find any suitable use for flour filters in their production.

In particular reference is made to classical filters with larger filtering surfaces that, due to times, labour and filtration costs were suitable for the treatment of large batches of wine.

With the DCO series our objective is to dedicate a high quality and professional equipment to small and medium sized manufacturers, without losing sight of the functional skills of the large fossil flour filtration plants.

Therefore we have tried to improve the preparation and management operations of filtration to the highest possible levels and we have increased the efficiency of the cleaning and hygienisation phases of the plant.

According to our aforementioned objectives, we have put the DCO series on the market that includes a high level of convenience and efficiency through a horizontal disk system.

The horizontal layout of the plates allows for filtration to be stopped at any time without the panels from falling away from the plates themselves, something that may occur at any time due to a decrease in electricity and that, in the more traditional models, results in a ?breakage? to the internal pressure of the filter hood and therefore detachment of the flour panels to the surface of the disks.

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